S/Sgt. Joseph Bernard Brennan, POW, WWII

Prisoner of War Medal

Staff Sergeant Joseph S. [B] Brennan (38312531), United States Army Air Forces, was captured by German forces after his plane was shot down on March 29, 1944 and was held as a Prisoner of War until the end of hostilities in May 1945.

Brennan grew up in New Orleans; for a short biography click: HERE. The photo above (center) claims to include Brennan, but does not clarify which of the three men to the far right is Brennan.

Missing Air Crew Report 3474, B-17, 42-97246 (Excerpt: documents pertaining to Brennan.) Brennan was transported to Stalag 17B, Braunau Gneixendorf, six kilometers northwest of Krems, Austria (NARA record). Dulag Luft 17B received Noncommissioned Officers from the Air Corps, however, when U.S. flyers first arrived in 1943, there were several nationalities contained within the camp. Close to 30,000 prisoners resided at 17B during the war; 4000 of those POWs were Americans. On 8 April 1945, 4000 prisoners began the 281 mile march (sometimes referred to as the Death March) to Braunau, Austria to avoid the Russian advance. Brennan spent thirteen months at 17B.

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