Battle of Okinawa: A Photographic Experience, 1945.

Easter Sunday, 1 April 1945 (US Air Force Photo)
1 April 1945 (National Archives photo)
Okinawa: 400-foot escarpment in the 7th Division area of responsibility, about 700-yards southwest of Tomui (USAF photo)
US Marine Corps on Okinawa (USMC photo)
(USAF photo)
Burial vaults 20 April 1945 (USAF photo)
Burial Vaults (USAF photo)
Village (USAF photo)
Conical Hill (USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
Marine hit the beach on Okinawa, 1 April 45 (National Archives photo)
US Marines (US Defense Dept.)
Results of bombing and shelling of Japanese held position around Shuri Castle (USAF photo)
Marines on Okinawa (National Archives Photos)
Approximately one mile south of the city of Naha (USAF photo)
13 April 45, Yellow Beach (Coast Guard photo)
The 382nd Inf. Regt., 96th Inf. Divison scaled these cliffs to advance against the Japanese positions on top (USAF photo)
US Marines near Naha, May 1945 (US Defense Dept. photo)
Remains of a LST hit by a kamikaze plane (USAF photo)
US Marines 11 May 45 (US Marines Corps photo)
View of Shuri, 28 April 1945 (USAF photo)
US Army 10 May 45 (National Archives photo)
Remains of Japanese Naval Academy, Naha (USAF photo)
Torii Gate, Naha (USAF photo)
April 1945 (National Archives photo)
Sunken Japanese ships, Naha Harbor (USAF photo)
Yonton Airfield 28 April 1945 (USMC photo)
A 6th Marine Div. demolition team destroy a Japanese cave. Okinawa, May 1945. (Marine Corps photo)
Naha Airfield after the US Marines secured it (USAF photo)
Naha Airfield (USAF photo)
Naha (USAF photo)
Mission church used during the battle as an observation post and machine gun position (USAF photo)
Cemetery on Ie Shima (USAF photo)
77th Inf. Div. Cemetery, Okinawa (USAF photo)
Easter Sunday 1946 (USAF photo)
Farmer planting rice, Okinawa (USAF photo)
Mother and child, Okinawa (USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
Civilians in the village of Koza (USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
Native pound rice into flour (USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
Low tide, Naha Harbor (USAF photo)
Native village (USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
Former POW held in Kobi, Japan at the end of the war. Hitchhiked 450 miles to Ataugi to catch a ride to Kadena Airfield, Okinawa on one leg. 30 August 1945 (USAF photo)
8 May 1945, Okinawa (USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
Baka suicide plane “Cherry Blossom Unit” (USAF photo)
Burial vaults (USAF photo)
Street artists painting with water colors (USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
(USAF photo)
American Cemeteries on Okinawa

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