1st Lt. Dan Weild Holladay, Hamilton County, Texas: Killed in Action 31 December 1942.

Lt. Holladay (O-432066) is still listed as Missing in Action, his body was never recovered. Some Gave All.

Holladay was born 26 March 1919 in Hico, TX. He was the son of Augusta Francis (Giesecke) and George Riley Holladay of Hico. Holladay graduated from Hico High School. He then attended John Tarleton Agricultural College before he enlisted. He joined the Army Air Corps 25 April 1941 at Dallas, TX. He trained in California and Georgia and served in England and North Africa. Awards include the Purple Heart and Air Medals. KIA 31 December 1942 during a raid on the port at Sousse, Tunisia. Photo to the left is Holladay at Tarleton in 1940. Position on aircraft, Pilot.

Gold Star Mother: Augusta Francis Holladay, born 19 Nov 1889 in Erath County, TX. Died 4 July 1931 in Hico, TX.

Holladay was assigned to the 15th Bomb Squadron, 27th Bomb Group, 12th Air Force. The 15th BS (Light) arrived in England 7 May 1942. First stationed at Grafton Underwood (RAF) air base in Northamptonshire 12 May, and assigned to the 8th Bomber Command. The 15th moved to Molesworth, Cambridgeshire 9 June.

The 15th flew five missions over occupied Europe before being reassigned to the 12th Air Force at Mediouna, Algeria. The 15th remained there from 15 October 1942 through 1 October 1943.

The 15th had the notoriety of being the first unit to send American crews to bomb occupied Europe. On 29 June 1942, Capt. Charles Kegelman, 2d Lt. Randall Dorton, TSgt. Robert Golay, and Sgt. Bennie Cunningham flew a borrowed British Havoc, and along with eleven British crews, bombed the railroad marshalling yard at Hazebrouck, France.
The 15th flew twin-engine Douglas A-20 light bombers. Their first mission was completed with A-20s borrowed from the British RAF. The Brits called the A-20 “Bostons” while the Americans called them “Havocs” but they were the same plane frame. The Havocs had a range of 1025 miles with a bomb payload of 4,000 pounds. They typically were manned by a crew of three. Their armament consisted of six 50. cal. machine-guns, all forward firing.

Following the 29 June raid, the 15th put up six crews to join six British crews on the first group bombing mission by U.S. AAC airmen. The raid was conducted on 4 July 1942 against the Luftwaffe’s De Kooy Airfield, Holland.

12 July 1942, the 15th joined the RAF on a bombing mission against the German held airfield at Drucat, Abbeville, France.

5 September, twelve A-20s flown by 15th BS crews were dispatched to hit the port of Le Havre, France. This marked the first mission completely under 8th AF control.

6 September, twelve A-20s of the 15th BS hit the Drucat Airfield at Abbeville, France.

2 October, twelve crews of the 15th bombed enemy shipping at the port of Le Havre, France. This was the 15th’s last mission while stationed in England.

On 31 December 1942 the 15th BS joined the 432nd BS in a raid on the harbor and railway at Sousse, Tunisia. Three aircraft of the 15th were lost that day. The A-20 (DB-7B), unknown serial number, probably piloted by Lt. Holladay was presumed hit by flak and went down approximately two miles northeast of Sousse, crashing into the sea. Reported casualties on Holladay’s plane were two unknown crew. The second A-20 was piloted by Capt. Clifford Hee. The second A-20 was shot down near Sousse, with Hee and three crew members killed. The third A-20 was also shot down near Sousse and crashed (allegedly in the ocean but this was probably the Hee plane). Three airmen from that aircraft were presumed to have been killed in the crash but their names were never listed. All three aircraft crashes occurred at approximately 1530 hours (3:30pm). What happened to the missing “third” aircraft and crew has remained a mystery until now. See: 1st Lt. Raymond Kenneth Grim and Crew.

Also lost on 31 December 1942 from the 15th Bomb Squadron on bombing run over Sousse, Tunisia:

Sgt. Joseph “Roland” Chabot (11013678), 26 November 1922-31 December 1942. Son of Felix J. and Laura (Martel) Chabot of Coos County, New Hampshire. Enlisted 9 December 1940 at Portland Maine. Awards include Air Medal with oak leaf cluster and Purple Heart Medal. Not listed on the Hee or Grim planes, assumed to be on Holladay crew. Position on aircraft, unknown.

S/Sgt. Lee Roy Holt Jr (7001062). Born 26 April 1919 in Georgia. Son of Pauline (Spillers) and Lee R. Holt. Holt’s father died 29 December 1927 in Albany, GA. Pauline, along with Lee R. Jr moved in with her brother by 1930. Holt was stationed at Barksdale Field, LA. in 1940, probably with the 27th BS. He was KIA 31 December 1942 in Tunisia. Awards include the Purple Heart Medal and Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters. Holt is not accounted for on the Hee or Grim planes. That fact leads to the assumption he may have been a crew member on the Holladay A-20. Position on aircraft unknown.

Capt. Clifford Hee (O-431288). Born 28 September 1919 in Brooklyn, NY. Son of Sigrid (Hansen) and Asger Hee of St. Albans, NY. A 1938 graduate of Jamaica High School, NY. Enlisted in the Army Air Corps 23 April 1941 at New York City. Killed in combat 31 December 1942. Position of aircraft, Pilot. See MACR: AL-436.

2nd Lt. William Schlater Randolph Jr (O-885362). Born about 1922 in Tennessee. Son of William S. and Edith (Barrasso) Randolph of Memphis, TN. Position of aircraft, Bombardier/Navigator.

S/Sgt. Earl A Glatz (6915644), 20 March 1921-31 December 1942. Son of Victor George and Frieda Helene (Peters) Glatz of Cleveland, Ohio. Probably stationed at  Moffett Field in 1940. Awards include Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters and Purple Heart Medal. Jewish Serviceman of the United States. Position on aircraft, Radio operator/Gunner.

Sgt. Jechiel Mostow (11024325). Born 1922. Son of Isaac and Ida (Rotman) Mostow of Dorchester, MA. Both parents immigrated from Russia. Enlisted in the AAC 12 December 1940 in Boston, MA.Awards include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters and the Purple Heart Medal. KIA 31 December 1942. Jewish Serviceman of the United States. Position on aircraft, unknown Armor/Gunner.